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I'm Rich - a full stack developer.
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I've a fascination for all things development - the combination of creativity, logic, technology and there always being something new to discover, this drives my excitement for the industry and building things people love to use. I am fully committed to the life-long learning that comes with software development and am looking forward to starting a career in it.

I started my journey in tech and dev with iO Academy in early 2022 following a career change from the world of financial services.

When I'm not at a keyboard I like to spend my time riding bikes (MTB mostly) reading and playing with the dog, Dougal. I'm also renovating a house bought together with my partner - there's always plenty to do.

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Planet Plinky Plonk

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We built a listing app for the planets of our solar system with a focus of Object Orientated Programming. I produced wireframes for the project and jointly worked on PHP for populating a popup-card as well as JavaScript for displaying and hiding it.

GitHub | Live version

Fish For Jobs

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We produced a job advertisement display board which would show job details and allow for search and filtering. Using React combined with bootstrap and Saas, I worked on displaying the list of job roles fetched from the API and implemented filtering of the roles.

GitHub | Live version


If you have a question or have a project idea, send me a message.